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Electronic Damage Indicator
Electronic Damage Indicator
Starting Price: $482.85

Detailed Description

ELECTRONIC PE DAMAGE & OVALITY INDICATOR provides instant confirmation of the depth of cuts or gouges in PE pipe to permit a well-informed decision on removal of a damaged section. Use of this highly accurate tool ensures that gouged pipe is not unnecessarily discarded or, more seriously, left in service when it should have been replaced.

  • The only self-contained electronic damage measurement device
  • Simple and intuitive to use.
  • Digital readout accurate to 0.005".
  • Instant zeroing provides a direct readout of the depth of the damage.
  • Ensures PE meets safe pipe laying standards prior to burial.
  • Ovality checked by taking high and low readings around the pipe circumference and comparing them to the standard.
  • Operates without adjustment on a full range of PE pipe from 2" to 20". Instant conversion from Imperial to Metric readout.
  • Effective in many other depth or height measurement situations, including work on flat surfaces and for steel weld measurement.
  • Interchangeable tips available for different applications.