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Enduro Vibratory Plow Blades - Maxi-Trac
for Case/Aztec, Vermeer LM25, LM35, LM42, Burkeen B30 (case mini & maxi sneakers), Case P60, Toro
Starting Price: From $35.25 to $366.06

Product Options

Maxi-Trac Blade 10" or 13" Plow Depth ($314.98)
Maxi-Trac Blade - 13" or 16" Plow Depth ($330.40)
Maxi-Trac Blade 27" length, 5/8" blade thickness, 10" or 13" avg. plow depths_1 ($331.38)
Maxi-Trac Blade 32" length, 5/8" blade thickness, 15" or 18" avg. plow depths ($366.06)
Maxi-Trac Blade 3/4" blade thickness, 15" or 18" avg. plow depths ($330.89)
Maxi-Trac Blade - 15" or 18" Plow Depth ($348.99)
Maxi-Trac Blade 30" length, 5/8" blade thickness, 13" or 16" avg. plow depths ($346.49)
Hard Ground Toe Option w/ Rear Lug (exchange) ($35.25)
Hard Ground Toe Option w/ Lug & 2" Bullet (exchange) ($59.74)

Detailed Description

Enduro Plowing VS-Blades provide contractors maximum performance and service at an economical price. The replaceable carbide tipped reamer insures substantially longer service life over standard blades. In addition each blade is provided with two or three sets of mounting holes to accomodate varying soil conditions and desired pull depth.
Enduro "Maxi-Trac" VMT-Blades deliver maximum machine traction in difficult soil conditions by "pulling" the machine towards the ground. This additional traction provides faster plowing during adverse conditions.

* Supplied with a C-150 1.5" replaceable carbide tipped point. Blade has threaded end at back of bushing, if an end with a pin is needed then order the B-200 screw-in adapter which is pictured but sold separately.