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Lightweight Pneumatic Venturi Vacuum Water Pump
Starting Price: From $393.25 to $475.93

Product Options

Porta-Pump ($393.25)
Porta-Pump with 20 ft. of layflat discharge hose ($475.93)

Detailed Description

*for use with at least 80 cfm compressor at 100 psi compressed air at the nozzle (not included)

A rugged, simple and lightweight air operated vacuum pump that requires no priming and is capable of moving close to 5000 gallons of water per hour. The straight through design with no moving parts eliminates clogging and the unit cannot seize.
Extremely compact, low cost, lightweight downhole pump.
Pumps slurry, mud and small stones without effort.
Allows every crew to have a pump in the truck.
Venturi type pump with no moving parts.
Supplied with or without a 20 ft. of layflat discharge hose.
Sufficient power to lift water over 15 ft.
Connect to compressor, submerge the pump base into the water and
slowly open the air valve.
Used by all types of US utilities and contractors.
Instructions can be found here download

Pump Specifications:               Lay-Flat Discharge Hose:
Diameter 2-1/2”                       Diameter 2-1/2”
Length 24” Long                     Length 20 ft. Long
Weight 3.8 lbs                         Weight 5.8 lbs