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Power-Bore Swivel Kit with water assist
Power bore swivel kit with 2" and 3" drill bits. Durable, lightweight and affordable.
Starting Price: From $58.51 to $279.25

Product Options

Complete Power-Bore Swivel Kit ($279.25)
2" Replacement Drill Bit for Power-Bore Kit ($58.51)
3" Replacement Drill Bit for Power-Bore Kit ($69.81)

Detailed Description

No longer do you need to pound pipe, rods or use water jetting when you run pipe or wiring underground. Save time and money by boring under Walkways, Driveways, Patios, Landscaping and More. Can be used in most soil conditions including Sand, Loam, Hard Clay, Shale and Gravel Sand Mix. Small roots and stones will not stop it. Use a 1/2" drill to turn the boring bits and water from a hose
to lubricate them and the pipe being installed.
Kit Includes
Power-Bore Assembly.
2" and 3" Boring Bits.
Machined alloy steel coupling for bits to
the power-bore tool.
Machined brass water valve and female
hose coupling.
Durable fitted plastic case.
Additional items needed for use not included:
- 1/2" or larger industrial drill, turning a constant
300 to 500 rpm to turn the boring bits.
- Drill pipe - 3/4" sch 40 galvanized or black pipe
threaded on both ends in 3' to 10' lengths.
- Water service and a hose.
Always use a portable GFI receptacle with electric drill.
Always notify the local one-call system prior to boring or
Always expose the utilities near your work by a non-destructive
method before excavating, plowing or boring.