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Pressure Tight Pipe Pullers
Standard - SDR 11, other SDR's available upon requests; please contact us. Note: CTS - Copper Tube Size, IPS - Imperial Pipe Size
Starting Price: From $244.15 to $2,025.16

Product Options

3/4" CTS, SDR 11 ($474.88)
1" CTS, SDR 11 ($251.72)
1 1/4" CTS, SDR 11 ($244.15)
1 1/4" IPS, SDR 11 ($244.15)
1 1/2" IPS, SDR 11 ($322.85)
2" IPS, SDR 11 ($377.95)
3" IPS, SDR 11 ($586.35)
4" IPS, SDR 11 ($737.58)
6" IPS, SDR 11 ($1,297.26)
8" IPS, SDR 11 ($2,025.16)

Detailed Description


These have all the attributes of our standard Pipe and Duct Pullers, without the rear eye. They are inserted into the end of a polyethylene pipe and expanded to seal and grip the pipe.  The pipe installation can then be tested by connecting a compressor to the ball valve fitted on the end. They tested to the bursting pressure of the pipe.

  • They have an extra sealing mechanism to completely seal the end of the pipe against ingress of water or mud.
  • When used together with a Test End they seal both ends of any length of PE pipe so that it can easily be tested (up to 150 psi.) on site, prior to placing in service.
  • Special sizes and SDR's of both types of pullers are available upon request.
    Note: the 3/4" pressure tight puller is now expandable like the larger sizes.