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Pulling Eye Duct Puller - Lug Style
These solid steel pullers are machined with a tapered thread to grip the inside wall of polyethylene pipe and innerduct by simply screwing them into the opening.
Starting Price: From $51.38 to $149.68

Product Options

3/4" nominal duct size, 0.72" min I.D., 0.93" max I.D., with rear lug ($51.38)
1" nominal duct size, 0.94" min I.D., 1.15" max I.D., with rear lug ($56.07)
1" irrigation pipe - SDR 21, with rear lug ($55.19)
1 1/4" nominal duct size, 1.26" min I.D., 1.44" max I.D., with rear lug ($63.41)
1 1/2" nominal duct size, 1.48" min I.D., 1.66" max I.D., with rear lug ($70.20)
1.75" nominal duct size, 1.65" min I.D., 1.85" max I.D., with rear lug ($84.88)
2" nominal duct size, 1.91" min I.D., 2.08" max I.D., with rear lug ($89.04)
3" nominal duct size, grip range 2.70" - 3.20" With Rear Lug ($149.68)

Detailed Description

When properly installed, the gripping power of the puller is stronger than the tensile strength of the pipe or innerduct. Pullers are installed quickly and easily with a screwdriver shaft or metal rod.

Typical uses are:

1. Pulling polyethylene water pipe, gas pipe and cable ducting with a vibratory plow.    

2. Installing innerduct inside largeduct. 

3. Installing pipe and ducting in Horizontal and Directional Drilling applications.