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Rear Eye Pipe Puller Towing Heads SDR 11 - 17.6
These pipe and duct pullers are SDR 11 - 17.6 Note: Other sizes and SDR's are available upon request. CTS = Copper Tube Size ; IPS = Imperial Pipe Size. Note: the 1/2" CTS does not expand.
Starting Price: From $169.50 to $2,050.00

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Detailed Description

These towing heads provide an easy direct connection between PE pipe and any form of pipe laying equipment. The design is in use on many directional drilling rigs and is recognized as the most reliable connector in the industry.

  • Insert directly into the open PE pipe end without special preparation. Twist the eye and the grippers lock into position without the use of wrenches, but they release on demand.
  • Gripping power increases with pulling load. Pipe yield point is reached before puller will release.
  • Never again will you have to search for the end of your pipe because your pipe puller has let go.
  • Pays for itself many times over in lost production time saved.
  • Heavy-duty construction in plated steel for rugged reliability.
  • Full 3/4" CTS to 16" IPS size range and cover SDR 9 to SDR 17.6
  • The rear eye can be used to pull a cable for various uses, including pulling sections of PVC carrier pipe.

    Note: the 1/2" CTS does not expand.