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Roto Bore Solid Drill Rod - Push Button Type
High quality drill rods for drilling the most difficult soil conditions.
Starting Price: From $32.98 to $1,923.43

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Detailed Description

*Please note UPS will not ship 10 ft. drill rods. Email or call to place order for 10 ft. rods. All other sizes can be ordered online.
All drill rods are constructed of solid chrome-moly steel bars that are heat-treated to an average tensile strength of 153,000 psi for optimum strength, toughness and flexibilty.

1. Convenient "Push Button" lock for quick assembly and disassembly.
2. Solid drill rod shafts for strength, durability and flexibility - 7/8" & 1" available.
3. Available in 13/16" HEX or Heavy-Duty 1" HEX Drive Connectors.
4. Versatile and convenient drill rod lengths of 2', 4', 5', 8' and 10'.
5. ADAPTERS available to fit most popular drilling equipment.
*CAUTION: The use of hands, feet or tools other than a drill rod guide to align the bore can result in serious bodily injury or death.