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Test Ends SDR-11
Test Ends - Other sizes and SDR's are available upon request.
Starting Price: From $126.54 to $1,631.56

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Detailed Description

Test Ends are designed to easily pressure test (up to 150 psi.) any length of PE pipe.

  • Insert directly into the open PE pipe end without special preparation.
  • Tighten the nut and the grippers lock into position, but release immediately on demand.
  • Test Ends have been tested to the point of pipe failure without pressure release.
  • Once set correctly, gripping power increases as the test pressure rises.
  • Can be operated together with Pressure Tight Pipe Pullers to seal both ends of any length section of PE pipe for on-site testing.
  • Used together, as above, they provide a total barrier to ingress of water or mud into the PE pipe, under even the worst site conditions.
  • Heavy-duty construction in plated steel for rugged durability.
  • Minimal maintenance and fully replaceable components.
  • Full 1/2" to 8" size IPS size range. Much less expensive than fusing a disposable PE fitting on each time.
  • The original Pipe Test End, in service for more than 20 years.