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SD Blade Bullet System

  Our new SD Blade Bullet System is the strongest, most durable and versatile in the industry. All major components, such as the bullet Receiver/Bushing and Bullets, are manufactured from heat-treated chrome-moly steel with an average tensile strength exceeding 150,000 psi for maximum strength and wear-resistance.
  In addition to strength and durability, the SD System offers a large selection of bullet sizes, wear and design options to meet most soil and plowing conditions. Available bullet diameters are 2", 2.5", 3" and 4". The Long-Life Bullet Series has a tungsten carbide tip and hard-facing for exceptional durability. All bullets have a 1" diameter shank.

                                               TRACTION OPTION

  One of the more versatile options of the SD Bullet System is the "Traction Bullet" that is engineered to "pull down" the plowing blade and vibratory plow for increased traction and plowing depth in hard ground. In severe situations, the "XT Traction Bullet" is recommended for additional traction and pull depth.

                                  STANDARD EQUIPMENT

  The SD Blade Bullet System, with a C-2000 bullet, is optional equipment on the following heavy duty series of plow blades with a pull-depth rating of 16 inches or more: VS-D, VS-E, VS-F, VMT-D, DW30-D, DW30-E and DW30-F. The SD System, with a C-2000 bullet, is available as an "exchange" option on all other 1/2" and thicker plow blades for an additional charge, ask for option SD-1000X 

standard bullet
Standard Bullet
Starting Price: From $11.98 to $94.70
Standard Bullet
*Exchange price when installed on a "new" blade.
traction bullet
SD Traction Bullet
Starting Price: From $36.45 to $64.58
SD Traction Bullet
XT traction bullet
XT Traction Bullet
Starting Price: From $71.34 to $99.56
XT Traction Bullet
receiver / bushing
Receiver / Bushing
Starting Price: From $37.13 to $55.90
Receiver / Bushing
severe duty blade bushing
Long-Life SD Bullets
Starting Price: From $1.70 to $118.20
Long-Life SD Bullets
*Exchange price when installed on a "new" blade