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XD ROTO-BORE BITS, XD-Dry Compaction Bits with Replaceable Carbide Point - case / toro / astec connector
With replaceable carbide point. These high quality tools are for dry-boring in clay and other compressible soils. They are self-feeding and produce clean, compacted borings.
Starting Price: From $175.10 to $298.70

Product Options

1.75" dia. bit with Clip-type connector ($175.10)
2.00" dia. bit with Clip-type connector ($180.25)
2.50" dia. bit with Clip-type connector ($221.45)
3.00" dia. bit with Clip-type connector ($298.70)

Detailed Description

All ROTO-BORE BITS are machined from solid chrome-moly steel bar stock on state-of-the-art CNC lathes and machining centers. All bits are quenched and tempered to an average tensile strength of 153,000 psi for optimum strength and toughness.

The bit's screw thread is much heavier than most competitors' designs. This heavy-duty design assures contractors a long service life and lowers operating costs.